Top Mortgage Lenders in Tupelo, MS

Which mortgage lender in the Tupelo, MS area typically has the best rates? To help you narrow down where to shop for a mortgage, provides an objective and data driven ranking of mortgage lenders operating in the Tupelo, MS area by interest rate and market share. We maintain our independence by not accepting any compensation from the mortgage lenders we rank, and use data on all fixed rate mortgages that were closed in the past year to generate our rankings.

Going by historical data, the best mortgage lender in the Tupelo, MS area in terms of interest rate is Trustmark National Bank, with an average “Rate Difference” of -0.08%. This means that, comparing similar borrowers, Trustmark National Bank provided a -0.08% lower interest rate for its customers than other lenders in the area. Trustmark National Bank has a market share of 5.6%. On the other hand, the most popular lender in the Tupelo, MS area is BancorpSouth Bank, with a larger market share of 25.4%. BancorpSouth Bank is also a relatively cheap lender, with a “Rate Difference” of -0.06% compared to those of other lenders in this area.

Our detailed ranking of mortgage lenders in the Tupelo, MS area is shown in the table below. In the table, we also give our assessment of whether they are, on average, a cheap/expensive lender through a star rating system. You can choose to tailor our ranking table to a specific mortgage type (Conventional/Jumbo/FHA/VA) and purpose (purchase/refinance) through the drop-down menu. For example, going by historical data, the cheapest lender for Conventional mortgages in Tupelo, MS is Trustmark National Bank. If you want to take out a loan that is above conforming limits (above $548,250 or $822,375 depending on the area in 2021), the cheapest Jumbo mortgage provider is Renasant Bank. If on the other hand, you want lower down payment or credit score requirements, the cheapest FHA mortgage provider is Trustmark National Bank. The cheapest VA mortgage provider is Caliber Home Loans. Note that as a consumer advocate we always recommend shopping among several of our top ranked lenders in order to get the best rates and fees.

Ranking of Mortgage Lenders in Tupelo, MS

Mortgage Type:
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Trustmark National Bank-0.08%(4.0)5.60%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.06%(4.0)25.35%
Renasant Bank-0.05%(3.5)20.73%
Caliber Home Loans-0.01%(3.5)2.80%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.01%(3.5)3.29%
Regions Bank0.01%(3.5)5.60%
Quicken Loans0.07%(3.0)12.82%
Flagstar Bank0.12%(3.0)12.54%
Guild Mortgage Company0.16%(2.5)2.17%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
BancorpSouth Bank-0.08%(4.0)28.90%
Renasant Bank-0.06%(4.0)17.86%
Trustmark National Bank-0.06%(4.0)4.44%
Regions Bank-0.03%(3.5)6.49%
Caliber Home Loans-0.01%(3.5)3.03%
Community Bank of Mississippi0.01%(3.5)3.25%
Quicken Loans0.08%(3.0)6.28%
Flagstar Bank0.14%(3.0)16.02%
Guild Mortgage Company0.17%(2.5)3.35%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Trustmark National Bank-0.12%(4.0)7.74%
Renasant Bank-0.04%(3.5)25.99%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.04%(3.5)3.37%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.01%(3.5)18.85%
Caliber Home Loans0.00%(3.5)2.38%
Flagstar Bank0.02%(3.5)6.15%
Quicken Loans0.06%(3.0)24.80%
Regions Bank0.14%(3.0)3.97%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Trustmark National Bank-0.07%(4.0)6.30%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.04%(3.5)27.07%
Renasant Bank-0.03%(3.5)25.22%
Community Bank of Mississippi0.01%(3.5)4.46%
Caliber Home Loans0.02%(3.5)2.39%
Regions Bank0.04%(3.5)6.74%
Flagstar Bank0.04%(3.5)8.59%
Guild Mortgage Company0.07%(3.0)1.20%
Quicken Loans0.14%(3.0)10.00%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
BancorpSouth Bank-0.04%(3.5)33.73%
Renasant Bank-0.03%(3.5)20.68%
Regions Bank-0.00%(3.5)8.43%
Trustmark National Bank0.02%(3.5)4.62%
Caliber Home Loans0.03%(3.5)2.41%
Community Bank of Mississippi0.04%(3.5)4.82%
Flagstar Bank0.06%(3.0)10.64%
Guild Mortgage Company0.09%(3.0)2.21%
Quicken Loans0.12%(3.0)3.41%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Trustmark National Bank-0.14%(4.0)8.29%
Renasant Bank-0.04%(3.5)30.57%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.04%(3.5)4.03%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.02%(3.5)19.19%
Caliber Home Loans-0.00%(3.5)2.37%
Flagstar Bank0.02%(3.5)6.16%
Quicken Loans0.12%(3.0)17.77%
Regions Bank0.14%(3.0)4.74%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Trustmark National Bank-0.14%(4.0)4.43%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.13%(4.0)22.84%
Renasant Bank-0.10%(4.0)12.35%
Regions Bank-0.07%(4.0)3.03%
Caliber Home Loans-0.06%(4.0)2.80%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.03%(3.5)0.70%
Quicken Loans-0.00%(3.5)17.02%
Flagstar Bank0.18%(2.5)21.45%
Guild Mortgage Company0.20%(2.5)4.43%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Trustmark National Bank-0.16%(4.5)4.61%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.15%(4.0)23.58%
Renasant Bank-0.11%(4.0)13.82%
Regions Bank-0.07%(4.0)3.52%
Caliber Home Loans-0.07%(4.0)2.71%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.04%(3.5)0.81%
Quicken Loans0.04%(3.5)10.03%
Flagstar Bank0.18%(2.5)23.85%
Guild Mortgage Company0.20%(2.5)5.15%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Quicken Loans-0.01%(3.5)60.00%
BancorpSouth Bank0.01%(3.5)18.33%
Trustmark National Bank0.02%(3.5)3.33%
Renasant Bank0.02%(3.5)3.33%
Flagstar Bank0.03%(3.5)6.67%
Caliber Home Loans0.03%(3.5)3.33%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Renasant Bank0.00%(3.5)33.33%
Quicken Loans0.00%(3.5)33.33%
Regions Bank0.00%(3.5)33.33%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Renasant Bank0.00%(3.5)50.00%
Regions Bank0.00%(3.5)50.00%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Quicken Loans0.00%(3.5)100.00%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Caliber Home Loans-0.04%(3.5)7.89%
Quicken Loans-0.01%(3.5)22.37%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.01%(3.5)3.95%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.00%(3.5)19.74%
Trustmark National Bank-0.00%(3.5)3.95%
Guild Mortgage Company0.00%(3.5)1.32%
Regions Bank0.01%(3.5)5.26%
Flagstar Bank0.01%(3.5)10.53%
Renasant Bank0.03%(3.5)13.16%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Caliber Home Loans-0.05%(3.5)10.91%
Trustmark National Bank-0.02%(3.5)1.82%
Community Bank of Mississippi-0.01%(3.5)5.45%
BancorpSouth Bank-0.01%(3.5)21.82%
Guild Mortgage Company-0.00%(3.5)1.82%
Regions Bank0.01%(3.5)7.27%
Flagstar Bank0.01%(3.5)12.73%
Renasant Bank0.03%(3.5)18.18%
Quicken Loans0.03%(3.5)7.27%
Lender NameRate DifferenceRate RatingMarket Share
Quicken Loans-0.01%(3.5)61.90%
BancorpSouth Bank0.02%(3.5)14.29%
Flagstar Bank0.02%(3.5)4.76%
Trustmark National Bank0.02%(3.5)9.52%

* Data is compiled for the Tupelo, MS commuting zone area, which comprises of counties of Calhoun County, MS, Chickasaw County, MS, Itawamba County, MS, Lee County, MS, Monroe County, MS, and Pontotoc County, MS. This includes cities/towns/communities of Tupelo, MS as well as Saltillo, MS, Amory, MS, Fulton, MS, Smithville, MS, Pontotoc, MS, Mooresville, MS, Mantachie, MS, Nettleton, MS, Aberdeen, MS, Ecru, MS, Algoma, MS, Sherman, MS, Woodland, MS, Bruce, MS, Thaxton, MS, Guntown, MS, Plantersville, MS, Gattman, MS, Shannon, MS, Pittsboro, MS, Okolona, MS, Houston, MS, New Hamilton, MS, Calhoun City, MS, Derma, MS, and New Houlka, MS. Lenders must have made at least 30 loans in the area to be included. Source of the data is Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). Rate Difference (the average difference of interest rates relative to those of other lenders) were computed by subtracting the rate at origination from the average predicted rate conditional on the commuting zone, borrower LTV, DTI, Loan Amount, Loan Type, and Loan Purpose, and then regularized based on a Bayesian approach to account for smaller sample sizes. Above-average mortgage closing costs were then added to the rate difference at a rate of +0.15/point. Star ratings were determined in intervals of 0.10% in rate difference per half star.

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