is a consumer oriented organization whose goal is to help mortgage borrowers get the best deal possible. Our services include:

  1. Mortgage Lender Rankings. Want to know which mortgage lender typically offers the best interest rates in your area? We provide a data-driven ranking of mortgage lenders by interest rate and market share for 494 places in the U.S. to help you shop for a mortgage. Unlike many other websites, we maintain our objectivity by not accepting any compensation from mortgage lenders for our services. You can get redirected to our mortgage lender ranking in your area by entering your zip code:
  2. Mortgage Lender Statistics. We also provide statistical assessments of the mortgage interest rate and closing cost charged by lenders in the United States. The linked page lists the lenders we track nationally, sorted by market share.
  3. Mortgage Articles and Research. We summarize the latest insights on how to choose and shop for a mortgage and other financial products, combining academic research with practical advice.